Having a tremendous amount of  life and legal experience, as well as talent inside and out of the courtroom, Z Wolfe Law is dedicated to what is important to your family.  Your story is important to us. Count on us to be your champions and provide you with the solid legal representation and advocacy you deserve.

Divorce & Child Custody

From a simple divorce with no kids & no property to  one hotly contested & highly complex, Z Wolfe Law has the experience and expertise to navigate you through even the toughest storm.  We are skilled in all divorce, paternity, custody, & visitation matters.

Adult & Child Guardianship and Adoption

If your aging parent or granchild needs someone to step in, we can help you obtain a guardianship.  If you want your child back we can help you terminate the guardianship. International or a step parent adoption-- Z Wolfe Law can help you become a parent!

Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

It is critical that you and your family are safe.  Z Wolfe Law's holistic approach to families with power & control iand/or violence issues doesn't stop with the protection order or DHS case.  We can weave the theme throughout all of your legal concerns.